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Queensland Oyster Company is a family-owned and operated business based in the Moreton Bay region. Established in 2013, father-son duo Tim and Andy use innovative growing methods to farm their oysters all the way from spat through to maturity. 

Tim and Andy have acquired multiple leases across various estuaries, including North Stradbroke Island, South Stradbroke Island and the Tweed River. Each estuary exhibits different tidal flows, nutrients and seafloor compositions - as a result of these varying conditions, the oysters in each area develop their own unique flavour profile.

Queensland Oyster Company has supplied directly to Blackbird Bar & Grill (Brisbane), Bisou Bisou (Brisbane), Essa Restaurant & Wine Bar (Brisbane), Anekawa (Gold Coast) and Cafe Le Monde (Noosa), and indirectly (through several wholesalers) to restaurants spanning Australia's East Coast. 

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