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QOCo Oysters

QOCo Oysters


Farm fresh Pacific and Sydney Rock oysters from our Jacobs Well and Tweed Heads leases. Shuck and serve with a classic mignonette dressing or a squeeze of lemon.


Type of oyster delivered will depend on stock availability. If you have a preference, please add a note to your order and we will do our best to accommodate.


See below for care instructions for each type of oyster.


For orders over 10 dozen, please get in touch via email to arrange.

  • Delivery

    We currently deliver to Greater Brisbane and the Gold Coast only.

    For those located outside of these areas, watch this space as we grow our delivery network. If you are unsure whether we deliver to your postcode, please get in touch via email.

    We always aim to deliver on your selected delivery date, however we can't provide a guarantee due to changing harvesting schedules throughout the seasons. As such, please allow 1-2 days either side of your chosen date for expected arrival. Please get in touch via email if you have a specific date required.

  • Care Instructions

    Sydney Rock Oysters

    Unshucked, these tough little guys last up to two weeks out of water.

    Storage: Sydney Rock Oysters can be kept in their box and stored in a cool spot in your home, like the pantry or an air-conditioned room. You may also pop them in the warmest part of the fridge, like the vegetable crisper if you do choose to chill them. As long as they are stored between 10-20 degrees, they should be fine.

    NOTE: Placing unshucked Sydney Rock Oysters on ice for an extended amount of time is not recommended and should only be done after they are shucked and about to be consumed.

    Oysters spend up to 6 hours a day out of the water in the sun due to tidal changes, so don't worry if they feel a little warm on delivery.



    Pacific Oysters

    Pacifics are a larger but more delicate oyster and prefer a cooler environment than the Sydney Rocks. They last for about a week out of water, unshucked.

    Storage: Pacific Oysters are best kept between 5-10 degrees, so the fridge is an ideal location. Keeping them at a consistent temperature is key, so once you pop them in the fridge, leave them there until you're ready to shuck and eat them.

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